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Our mission is to add value to your business and contribute to your success. Our Certified Accountants are experts in providing cutting edge finance advice for both personal and corporate clients. 



Our Story.

Our story started in 2017. The fullfilment to find an genuine finance service firm that delivered on par with level internationally, by professionals with genuine GCC expertise, and that could provide services at a reasonable value. We wanted our expertise to bring new Vision and Value to SME's thus giving accessibility for top financial strategies without the business overhead . 

FinLab’s philosophy is based on understanding our clients’ unique needs and providing added value through consultancy we provide. Our success is measured by the success of our clients, our employees, and the ecosystems in which we work and live. We value our clients and relationships, and we look forward to meeting you and helping you along your journey.

Who We Are

FinLab & Co. is a finance/accounts outsourcing firm that provides client-focused accounting, audit, compliance, tax consultancy, human resource, payroll, and business advisory services. We specialize in setting up SME businesses with cost-effective, high-quality services, and solutions.


We create value by investing in highly qualified and motivated people and working closely with leading industry partners to provide our clients with a one-stop-shop for all of their business support.

We treat our clients’ challenges as our own and we care about how our work may affect our communities.

Our Mission

Our top priority is to look after the long-term interest of our clients by implementing best practices cost-effective strategies to move their business forward. 

Our Vision

To be the firm of choice for clients and top-quality professionals.

About Us





Accounting Systems Implementation Services


Our team specializes in finding solutions for Small and Medium-size businesses seeking cost-effective and easy to use systems.  We strategize with clients to help find the right solutions for their operational, reporting and growth requirements.  Where our team is unable to complete an implementation directly for our clients, we act as advisors on the selection process of a system and remain on-board as support for the implementation of workflows and training around the system.

Payroll Management & Administration Services

Our outsourced payroll service provides clients with a reliable automated process that ensures central management accuracy of employee payroll records and the benefit of a team that is continuously up-to-date with employee compliance issues and labor laws.

Outsourcing payroll administration offers many advantages; lower administrative costs, efficient and streamlined procedures, lower error rate than internally managed functions, and better control over sensitive employee information.


Audits are more than a statutory requirement. They give a valuable insight into the way business functions and provide an unbiased opinion of the firm's financial position and of its strengths and weaknesses.


Our audits aim to help clients mitigate risk, improve operational efficiencies, and safeguard their business by providing clarity on issues that matter.

Our audit assignments are led by third-party independent auditors with a commitment to the highest standards of professionalism. Throughout the entire audit process, we work alongside our clients to understand the underlying business, address critical issues, recommend improvements to increase control, reduce the potential for fraud, and assure stakeholders as to the accuracy of the accounts. We review, analyze, and evaluate risk in each area of the audit and focus on matters relevant to the validation of the audit opinion. The audit aims to deliver practical advice to our clients and serve as a valuable tool to help them develop their business.

What We Offer


VAT Advisory Services

VAT Audit Support Services

VAT Implementation Services

VAT Training

VAT Compliance

VAT Health Checks

For small SMEs, we can provide set-up of

simple accounting systems and implementation of VAT rules, through our accounting services.

For larger SMEs, we can assist your finance team with the implementation and provide outsource CFO or Finance Manager services on a monthly basis in order to strengthen your team.




We offer highly experienced Outsourced CFO’s at your disposal and only when you need it. You control when the tap is turned on and when the tap is turned off, keeping your fixed costs to a minimum.

We provide you with highly experienced CFO’s on a part-time basis. You decide how much time you need the vCFO and over what time period. You only pay for the time he/she spends with you. You decide on the remit and the vCFO’s objectives and deliverables


As part of your senior management team, the vCFO is a strategic partner as well as your business advisor, agent for change, and, in some instances, a mentor. He/she will of course be hands-on, getting to grips with all aspects of the finance and administration of the business and other areas you may wish them to be involved in.

As an individual who has had an extensive and varied career, the FinLab vCFO will have experienced similar issues to those that your business is facing and will draw upon that specific experience as well as other areas of best practice to make an immediate impact.

The vCFO can carry your company’s business card if you wish and represent your company at important meetings with investors, banks, clients, suppliers, etc. To the outside world, your FinLab vCFO will appear as one of the teams – no different from your full-time employees.


Due diligence and valuation services for SME acquisitions.  FinLab services include providing a deep dive due diligence on the existing business and its assets, analyzing, challenging future growth targets, highlighting risk/ weaknesses, and providing recommendations on how controls and operations can be improved should the investment is made.


Our core services of financial system implementation, monthly reporting, KPI tracking, and vCFO advisory services will give you the means to have control over single or multiple investments, without having to build out your own complementary teams of CFOs and analysts.

Our vCFO services for your larger investments will allow you to use executive-level CFOs to manage, advise, and accelerate your investment portfolio, while you concentrate on your core business activities.


For established businesses that have moved beyond the startup phase, we help drive value by working with our clients to develop and implement successful strategies, provide financial controls, improve operations, and acquire and keep good people.


At FinLab, we offer a full range of HR consulting and outsourcing services to provide you with best practice policy implementation, guidance on local employment laws and regulations,  expert advice on hiring, retaining, motivating, and managing employees. We believe the success of your business is largely dependent on the development of the people within.

Depending on your budget, the level of support that you require, and your overall business needs, we can help you determine the arrangement that would be more cost-effective and suited for your company.


FinLab has partnered with a number of select firms to provide a full range of company set up services in Abu Dhabi and throughout the UAE, as well as in many of the well-known structuring jurisdictions.  Through our 3rdparty partners, our platform is able to provide a full range of structuring solutions for business set up.


For multi-national companies looking to enter the market as well as entrepreneurs and SMEs, our platform is the ideal solution, providing all of legal, company set up, and operational support.  This combination will ensure a smooth entry to market with an on the ground contact providing you with full guidance.


Due diligence and valuation services for SME acquisitions.  FinLab services include providing a deep dive due diligence on the existing business and its assets, analyzing, challenging future growth targets, highlighting risk/ weaknesses, and providing recommendations on how controls and operations can be improved should the investment is made.



Partnering with Glassqube Business Centers is a core strategy of FinLab.  Our services provide a value-added proposition for your clients, streamlined workflows between our teams, and additional revenue lines for your business.


FinLab and its integrated partners provide presentations to your clients on topics ranging from succession planning, structuring legal entities for investor funds, creating investor presentations, compliance, and many other topics of interest for your clients.



Deep Industry Knowledge

Our expert Certified Accountants come from a diverse background and industries, which provide our team with the necessary expertise to cater to the needs of our clients from every industry whether its construction, retail, service-based, or any other form of business. We take pride in our ability to make the right solution for our clients.

Our Accounting team has been working in GCC, with a multi-industry client base which provides us with all the necessary expertise to tackle any issues for our clients.

Tailor Made Solutions

We recognize that every client has unique financial needs. That is why we offer accountancy services tailored to your needs as a small or medium-sized company, sole trader, charity, club, or association. We have an office in Reem island, and our client base is distributed throughout all Emirates.

Personalized Services

Our reputation is for affordable, cutting edge financial expertise combined with a level of personal service not commonly found in today’s busy world. For our clients this means a first-class service provided by a team of friendly professionals who know them on an individual basis and understand their needs.

Hassle-Free Support

Hassle-Free Support:

We use an innovative ‘shared services’ model and the latest technologies to offer best value to clients, often saving up to 50% compared to high-street accountants. We take away all your finance function hassles and provide clear reports to help you make the right strategic decisions.

In-house Research Teams

Going with Us, Our Client unlocks access to our Research team's support for financial management, analysis, cost modeling & others, which we consider as the most overlook aspect of Businesses based in the Gulf. Our studies & past experience have shown that most SME's lack the resources for professional finance managers, therefore the pricing models used are not competitive and are usually outdated, lacks monitoring of current and future cash flow, and most important no cost monitoring system, which makes them highly sensitive to the changes in the business environment, they are incapable of adapting to any challenges that happen around them, which forces them out of business.

We make sure that we keep track of all the functions of the Client's business and help them enforce a more flexible structure in their company, which can adapt to any critical even in the future and rather than being negatively affected by it, they can take advantage of these events.

We assure You that Finlab&Co. will do more than just respond to your needs but also work alongside you to help you succeed.

Why Us



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Sharjah Media City Free Zone - Shams

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